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How to find and outlet in

Outlet stores and outlet malls reviewed by have been categorized using many criteria in order to help you finding what you need as fast as possible. If you are experiencing problems and difficulties using the website and/or looking for an outlet, please read carefully this guide.

If, after reading this page, there is something not clear or if you simply have a suggestion, please contact us. We’ll be glad to answer to your questions


All the outlet stores have been categorized with many type of criteria you can find in the top menu of each page.


The “Brand” menu let you filter the outlet stores that sell products of the selected brand. Please take in mind that only a small subset of brands are listed in the menu. If you need other brands, please use the page All Brands.


The “countries” menu let you filter the outlet stores of one of the United Kingdom country: England, Northern IrelandScotland, Wales.


If you you ‘re looking for an outlet store that sells cloths or footwear or cosmetics, then you need to filter using the “category” menu.

Best Outlet

Using the menu “Best Outlet” you can filter only the outlet stores suggested by Generally are outlet stores that provide a very high discounts or a big number of products.

Online Outlet

The “Online Outlet” menu filters all the outlet stores that sells the goods also or only online. In this kind of stores the discuunts are generally very high.

Outlet Village

The Outlet Village page will show you only the best and biggest outlet malls of all United Kingdom. You will find the closest to your home.

Search an Outlet

On the right side of each page in is present a text box that let you search an outlet. Digit the keyword you need and press the Find button.

Advanced Outlet Search

The Advanced Outlet search is a small form existing on the right part of every page. It let you filter only the outlet stores that sell you a specific brand and is in a specific region. Take in mind that for space reason not all the brands are listed in the Combo box. If you don’t find your favorite bran, you can try selecting the page All Brands under the “Brands” menu.